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Worship: Music and the Arts

Welcome to First Church in the heart of the city — a faith community investing in classical worship and exemplary preaching that celebrates the good news of Jesus Christ for all people.


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​"For All the Saints, Who From Their Labors Rest"

10/28/2014 by Eric Strand
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For me, this time of year brings a certain nostalgia, or remembrance.  Seasonal changes bring colorful and falling leaves, and evoke a turn inward, both physically inside to the warmth of a fire, and metaphorically, toward interior reflection on life and death.  The church as well seems to sense this pattern and celebrates three days: &...

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​Traditional vs. Contemporary

9/23/2014 by Eric Strand
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These two words often sum up the typical conversation about music in the church.  Amazingly, these words do very little to adequately describe the music, and often raise more questions than they answer.  Whose tradition?  Tradition at what point in time?  Contemporary to whom?  To what population?  Also, these words do...

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