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Prayer Requests

We believe prayer is vital to sustain the Christian life, both personally and as a whole church. Our prayer ministry includes:

  • A prayer chain of members who pray for specific requests as they are made. The office staff initiates the telephone chain when a member notifies the church with a request.

  • Prayer Cards are available in the Friendship Pad and in the chapel to be used for prayer requests on Sunday Mornings. They can be put in the offering plate or the chapel prayer box and various groups within the church pray for the request.

  • Prayer Request Form, available online, lets you send us your request over the internet. Various groups within the church then pray for the request.

  • Prayer time during the Prelude: worshipers are invited to use the prelude before worship as a time of meditation and prayer. It is intended to be a quiet time to prepare for worship.

  • Healing Prayers are offered the first Sunday of every month following communion and at the Taizé services. You may either pray alone or have a pastor or spiritual leader of the church pray with you.

  • FUMC emails prayer requests weekly to members of our congregation who have committed to pray. Please indicate how/if you would like this Prayer Request distributed. *
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