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Worship Support Team

Use this form to volunteer for our Worship Support Team.

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  • Step One:

    Please mark your team choice. (You may choose to serve on more than one team.
  • 1st Sunday
  • 2nd Sunday
  • 3rd Sunday
  • 4th Sunday
  • Special Services
    The Special Services Team serves on 5th Sundays (4 per year), Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, Christmas Eve and for Celebration of the Arts Concerts. You are encouraged to serve on this team in addition to your Sunday Team, if possible.
  • Step Two:

    Indicate your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices for your ministry area. Please select “1”, “2” and “3. (See descriptions below for requirements.)
  • Team Member Job Descriptions

  • Team Leader:

    The Team Leader oversees all activities of a Worship Support Team for a particular worship service, assists the team members as needed and monitors for emergency and security needs. This leader is responsible for the attendance count and for assisting all latecomers and those who need help during the service.
  • Usher:

    The usher seats all those attending worship and distributes bulletins and assistive devices. The usher collects the offering during worship and manages the Friendship Pads.
  • Greeter:

    The Greeter warmly welcomes all attending our worship service and assists the Visitor Assistant in identifying visitors.
  • Visitor Assistant:

    The Visitor Assistant identifies visitors and accompanies them to the nursery, classrooms and sanctuary. At the close of the worship service, this volunteer also assists the Director of Invitational Ministries in greeting visitors at the communion rail.
  • North Lobby Greeter:

    The North Lobby Greeter assists members and regular attendees who have questions about church activities, classes and signups. This volunteer also introduces visitors to the resources of the church.
  • Parking Attendant:

    The Parking Attendant monitors the north parking area and helps those needing assistance with walkers, wheelchairs or special parking concerns. This volunteer assists with snow removal and directs dispatched emergency vehicles as needed.
  • Team Alternate:

    The Team Alternate is trained for all of the positions on a Worship Support Team. The Alternate is available for the Team Leader to call upon in case of absences or special increased-need Sundays.

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