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MLK Tutoring Center

Martin Luther King Leadership Academy Partnership is an inner city elementary school. The purpose of the MLK/FUMC partnership is to help every first grader read at their grade level. Volunteers tutor children on a one on one basis. The results have been overwhelmingly positive for everyone involved. Volunteers and funding are provided for a wide variety of school programs including: a student publishing center, library story time and check out, MEAP math activities for all third and fourth graders, homemade cookies for special events, winter coats and school clothes, family mentoring, science fair and MEAP support. Volunteers are needed for all areas.
  • Volunteer - You can help a little or a lot.
  • Buy Notecards - Help fund the program at MLK.
  • Use the Meijer Rewards Program - You can shop and give at the same time!
  • Participate in Gift of Giving - Help make someone's Christmas bright.

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  • Christmas Gift of Giving

    MLK Leadership Academy/FUMC Christmas Gift of Giving Program help is needed in the following ways:
  • Gift of Giving Volunteers

    (all work will be done on the third floor of the church. Follow the signs!
  • Check in donations
  • Pass out gifts to MLK parents, help wrap, and carry gifts downstairs
  • Pack up the workshop
  • Driver
  • Mother Gifts

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